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Temperature Management

Posted: Mar 30, 2020
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Dear Healthcare Provider,

SourceMark is a US company that has been focused on equipping our frontline healthcare professionals with Infection Prevention, Anesthesia/Airway, and Surgical products for over 13 years.  Given this unprecedented time in our US history, we want to continue to do our part to support our colleagues by providing information on a regular basis about our products that we believe can be useful in helping to protect our clinicians and lessoning the burden on our healthcare system.

One of the products that we believe can help is SourceMark’s single-patient-use disposable temperature measurement probes for mass temperature spot-check or continuous monitoring.

 What are they?  A family of disposable skin temperature sensors designed to measure a patient’s temperature continuously or during a spot-check session.  These sensors are compatible with over 80% of the multi-parameter or spot-check monitors in the US market thus making them ideal for the hospital continuum of care—from the pre-triage tent to the ICU.

How can these temperature sensors protect our healthcare providers and help alleviate some of the burden on our healthcare system? In mass casualty triage situations vital signs need to be assessed and monitored on many patients simultaneously or at regimented intervals.  During a viral pandemic, this procedure puts our healthcare providers at risk due to their proximity to the patient and can be taxing on our hospital system to provide the necessary vital signs monitors and accessories to perform these procedures on numerous patients with suspected viral infections. 

Solution for ER triage.  A disposable skin temperature sensor or tympanic temperature sensor could be used in this situation.  The clinician could be 6-10 feet away with a portable patient monitor that has a temperature channel.  The portable patient monitor can have a 10-foot cable on it that goes out to the general area where the patients are in a queue to have an assessment by a COVID-19 triage team.  In the general admit area, the hospital can place a dispensing box where everyone grabs their own disposable probe and places it under their arm (skin) or in there ear (tympanic) so it has a chance to equilibrate why they are in the queue.  When it is their turn to have their vital signs checked, the patient grabs the one end of the reusable cable and attaches the sensor to it.  At the other end, it is already plugged into the monitor and from a distance the clinician can read their temperature.  In this situation, hand sanitizer or gloves would need to be used right next to where the patient connects themselves to the cable receptacle as many patients would be touching it.  This process could be a pre-triage process to separate those with high temperatures from all others.   SourceMark has learned from our associates in South Korea that this is exactly what the South Korean health system is doing when using our temperature sensors. 


Solution in the ICU and other areas. Currently in the ICU and other areas of the hospital, patients are required to have temperature monitoring.  Usually this is intermittent unless the patient is very sick.  This is where a hospital can use a continuous tympanic, skin or general-purpose sensor with patient monitors that have a temperature channel.  This is more accurate; it avoids the multiple times a day a clinician does an intermittent temperature check and avoids the possible cross contamination from the intermittent temperature checking device.  As ICU’s are preparing for patient influx, they should consider using continuous temperature as an alternative to intermittent to avoid multiple contacts.  

Supply? Reliable supply of product available.

How can I purchase?  Contact a SourceMark Customer Experience Manager at 866-525-7001.




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