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New SourceMark CEO has a new vision for medical device innovation: Innovating the Clinical Experience!

Posted: Apr 10, 2018
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Contact:  SourceMark
Jim Beyer, CEO

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New SourceMark CEO has a new vision for medical device innovation:  Innovating the Clinical Experience!

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (April 10, 2018)  --  SourceMark Board of Directors announced recently the appointment of industry veteran Jim Beyer as Chief Executive Officer.  Beyer succeeds Richard Manson who will stay on as SourceMark President to focus on providing support as SourceMark continues to grow its customer and product portfolio base.

Founded in 2002, SourceMark is a medical device manufacturing company providing innovative product solutions to Hospitals, surgery centers, EMS, LTACH and physician offices.

“SourceMark has loyal and long-standing healthcare provider relationships as well as strong Group Purchasing Group (GPO) partnerships,” said Beyer.  “Our product portfolio includes solutions for Anesthesia/Airway Management, Surgical, and Infection Prevention which are uniquely designed for Innovating the Clinical Experience™ by improving patient care and clinician engagement through innovative and differentiated designs. We seek to minimize the pressures our customers face and to find affordable solutions which improve the clinical experience for both the patient and the clinicians,” explains Beyer.

He goes on to say, “As a citizen and veteran, I believe strongly in advancing American ingenuity and innovation.  In response, we have introduced the SourceMark Alliance program as a platform where pioneer inventors and creators of new clinical products or technology solutions can find all the resources needed -- from manufacturing and distribution support to sales and marketing solutions, etc. -- to turn a dream into a reality.”  Large scale medical device companies in the US are dominated by foreign companies who often appear more focused on M&A activity than true product innovation, Beyer believes there is a large untapped demand for products that support clinical innovation at both the patient and clinician levels.

Beyer previously held senior roles in hospital supply chain, Group Purchasing Organizations to nearly 20 years as an executive in the medical device technology markets providing innovative solutions to the rapidly consolidating hospital markets.

“As a trusted MBE company with a valued reputation, we believe SourceMark has a bright future ahead as we focus on delivering innovative solutions to healthcare care leaders which are cost affective and innovate the clinical experience.  I am honored to assume the role of CEO for SourceMark and excited about the innovative products on our roadmap that will help improve patient care and the overall healthcare experience,” Beyer states.


About SourceMark

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, SourceMark™ ( ) is a product innovation, manufacturing and distribution company providing innovative solutions for hospitals, health systems, pharmacies, ambulatory surgery centers, LTACH and physician offices in the areas of Anesthesia/Airway Management, Surgical, and Infection Prevention. Their proven, clinically-reviewed medical and surgical products are uniquely designed to improve patient care and clinician engagement through their ease-of-use, utilization efficiencies and affordable cost-point.  By offering the Alliance Program, SourceMark seeks out those inventions that improve upon an under-performing legacy product or is a new market invention which positively impacts the delivery of care within the clinical setting.  SourceMark is a registered Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with over 16 years of continued growth.  Find us on LinkedIn.

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